When we decided to create VLOGGED. back in 2015, we did it because we honestly felt that there was nothing else like it out there. Of course other sites cover YouTube and blogosphere news, but not enough. And certainly not enough on the rising stars of the Internet.

We’re very proud to bring you something that’s organic, fresh and growing by the day – a site that uses talented writers and vlogging fans to provide you with everything you need to know about your internet faves. We have a lot of love for the big timers smashing their way through subscriber milestones, and will always keep our readers updated on their news. We also champion those who are just starting out, or those who have been blogging or filming their lives for you lovely people and simply don’t get the recognition they deserve.

What we are doing is new and we have big ambitions. Young writers are at the heart of VLOGGED. and we want the bloggers and YouTube stars to get as much promotion as they can.

We like to remain on the positive side and want to bring you the best vlogs & blogs out there – all day, every day and on the go!

No negative nellies here, thanks! *puts up spice-girls-stop-right-there-hand*

So that’s us…what about you?

Contact the VLOGGED. team using the below to get featured on our site, create a partnership, give us feedback or just say hello (we’re a sociable bunch).

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