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Confessions Of A Forward Thinking German Fashion Vlogger, Who You All Need To Start Following

Fashion Confession Vlogger, Eliza Armand, is our new Vlogger of the week. She’s a Fashion blogger & YouTuber , runs Fashion Confession, lives in Germany and is blowing up on the internet with over 18k Twitter followers and 10k Instgram fans in a few short months.

Vlogged caught up with her this week and got to know her. If you only take one thing out of the interview it has to be her excellent motivational quote to all young vloggers:



1) Let’s start at the beginning, how did you get started vlogging & who was your inspiration?

Let’s be honest, my career has been always related to the fashion business, I worked over 10 years as a fashion journalist. But due to my move from one place to another, I wanted to ensure that I kept sharp and up to date with my journalistic skills. I decided the best way to do this, would be to start a blog. Thus, Fashion Confession was born. I started to take it seriously from February 2015, and just a little over half a year I started my YouTube channel with the same name, and I have to say, I won’t stop. As I can see my circle of subscribers growing constantly, I love being able to provide content to like minded individuals who enjoy watching and reading my work. So a fashion blog and a YouTube channel are sort of an obvious choice of becoming a professional outlet for me.

2) What are you main taking points on your channel?

I would say – it’s about beauty and fashion. Very trivial, I know. But wait a second; I started my channel three or four months ago or so. So let’s talk about it at the end of the year and see, what it is all about! I have lots of ideas and lots of events to look forward to, meaning lots of new and fresh content for my Channel. I do collaborate with Frankfurt Style Award and Berlin Fashion week, so there will be lots of new and exciting vlogs very soon.

3) At what point did you realise that people were loving your videos and how did that make you feel?

I still feel very curious about it. Truly!

4) Do you read all/most the comments on your vlogs? If so, which has been your fav?

Yes, I do. I try to answer everyone, because I do think, that it is an important part of my job. I’m trying to deal with my viewers like with my own friends – do not hesitate to set some questions and ask for help and advice, if needed.

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

To be honest, I don’t like this question. Blogging for me is a sort of challenge, where I can conquer myself and check myself for strength. I think it’s very good, because when you’re dealing with it every day, you’re learning new tools; you’re doing everything possible and sometimes the seemingly impossible, by yourself. And your tomorrow only depends on you. I believe, it’s super motivating and so exciting, because you’re building, bit by bit, your own future success. And even if I feel myself a little bit stuck or stumbling, I always remember one of my favorite and the most motivational quotes – IF YOU GIVE UP NOW, WHAT WAS THE POINT OF EVERYTHING? So let’s see in 5 years, maybe I will launch my own makeup line with MAC Cosmetics, who knows? ☺

It has the potential to be a very cool, but very legitimate job for those who take it seriously. For example, in just the fashion vlogging scene we have the likes of Lydia Elise Millen and Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg who started out doing what I do today and have since become corner stones of this part of the industry. Of course, I have some friends, who still don’t quite understand and find it hard to believe, that vlogging could be some kind of a serious job, even if you have 100k subscribers on YouTube or something. On the other hand, there are a lot of people around me, who made their first million on vlogging, so to speak. There will always be pros and cons. But if you’re not a risky person, it won’t work for you. Even if it is not a part of your profession, it is always good to meet new people, who share your interests. There are a lot of exciting things happening in the world, so don’t lose this amazing opportunity because of the lack of assurance. It will come up with time, dedication and hard work. You just have to put yourself out there and want it.

6) How would you celebrate getting 1 million subscribers?

Well, I like such tricky questions. I will do something, which I’ve never done before – of course, on camera (like, base jumping or something like that). Because 1 Million subscribers is a real success, so I have to challenge myself too! And of course a huge Giveaway!

7) Who’s your current favourite Vlogger?

I got hooked on Ralph Smart’s Channel (, it calls Infinite Waters. It’s something really nice – it gives me a lot of inspiration and energy to create. Also I really like Suzie from Hello October, she seems so nice and friendly. And Kandee Johnson, well, she is a professional.

8) What makes you different from other vloggers?

First of all, my channel is based on my Blog I would say, my YouTube Channel has become a perfect addition to my blog. I write a lot of articles about serious movements in fashion and about how the market is collapsing now. I raise such topics as to why 3D printers will soon come to replace manual labor in fashion design, or why fashion, as we know it now, is already dead. I’m trying to teach people to think about what’s going on around them, and to not succumb to this animalistic urge to buy everything they see. I think people should know, or at least have the information, about how it all works.

9) What’s your favourite Movie?

At the moment my favourite movie is ‘Only lovers left alive’, because it remains me about myself. It’s all about deep dark melancholy, we have to live with. And style! To be honest, I’m very fond of arthouse movies, and for me it’s always very hard to answer such questions, because it all depends on my mood.

10) What’s your personal favourite vlog and why?

I started my channel not so long ago, but I already have my favourites. For example, one of the latest videos about Contouring and Highlighting for freckled face, because I do have freckles and I think it can be really helpful for the other girls, who has the same problem ☺.

This one is also my favourites, I really like the mood of it and I’m looking forward to do more in such particular style.

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  • This is a really insightful interview Eliza, and you deserve to feel proud of yourself. It’s good to see you going from strength to strength with your blog and You Tube channel. I was especially inspired by what you said about having confidence and being really determined in this field. I agree it can be scary. But the prospect of creating something and building a brand based on your own efforts entirely is exhilarating too!