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Jim Chapman Releases His Own Book

Words by Chloé Tibbott

After the success of his comical stationery range, we’re sure you know by now that YouTube favourite Jim Chapman has released his very own book, ‘147 Things’. From the mind-blowing to the ridiculous, the vlogger turned author takes us on a whistle-stop tour of his life’s musings. Just like his videos, no subject is off-limits and he literally talks about anything and everything, lifting the lid on his life and relationships, and sharing embarrassing stories and things he’s learnt along the way.

His ‘user’s guide to the universe’ is a mixture of everything, from black holes to belly buttons. “Let me tell you about the rarest thing in creation, why we are all obsessed with our phones, the science of heartbreak, and why waxing your testicles might not be the best idea,” he said in his book announcement video. completely random and exactly why we love Jim!

Personally, we can’t wait to have a read, but until it’s officially on the shelves (5th October, FYI), we’ll have to make do with pre-ordering. But hold the phone…we can get a limited edition signed copy you say..?

Yes, that’s right guys – Waterstones and WHSmith have signed copies of Jim’s new book available to pre-order online. And if that wasn’t enough, TB’s hubby is actually going to be touring the UK this month and next, stopping off at London, Manchester, Glasgow and more so you can get your copy signed IRL and even hear him talk about the new book. Excitement levels officially sky rocketed!

You can order your tickets here https://www.panmacmillan.com/blogs/general/jim-chapman-147-things-tour-2017