Joe WellerVlog Of The Week

Joe Weller Tells Us How to be Sexy & Powerful…….

Harriet Lowe

Watch Joe Wellers latest video & he promises you will walk away a changed persona & ready to kick life in the…………….balls! We have taken a look, and we certainly agree. If not though, you will still laugh out loud, especially at some of Joe’s new looks.


We learnt that it is fine to be yourself, and people that pick on your for it are just idiots, like the man below.


Joe acting as a horrible bully

Do what makes you happy, even if people think it is sad or take the p*ss.


So what if Joe likes to play with mini graters. 

So the underlying serious message that Joe was trying to give was that ALWAYS give things your energy, even if you are not a loud, outgoing, talkative person. Because if you give energy in all your do, then at least you are yourself and you are trying. It is fine to be different, like little boy Dedoid!

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!