Q&A with Sophdoesnails!

Meet Sophie or ‘Sophdoesnails’ — She’s an up and coming Vlogger who you all need to know and watch!

We asked Soph 10 questions so we can all get to know her better and here they are!

1) Let’s start at the beginning, how did you get started vlogging & who was your inspiration?

“I have watched Youtube since the age of 12 and was immediately hooked! I think Tanya Burr was one of the first youtubers I watched, as well as Bubzbeauty, and since then my passion for makeup and beauty has continued to grow every day. So I would say they were definitely huge inspirations to me. One day I just thought I would start my own channel as it was something I had wanted to try for so many years. Watching Emily Canham’s videos also made me realise that you can still do Youtube at the age of 18, so I thought I would give it a shot!”

2) What are you main taking points on your channel? 

“My main talking points are mostly makeup, beauty and fashion, with some nail art thrown in too. My channel name sophdoesnails actually came from my Instagram which I had first, but most of my nail stuff is actually on Instagram rather than Youtube! I particularly love posting makeup tutorials on my channel as well as hauls, because these are also my favourite videos to watch.”

3) At what point did you realise that people were loving your videos and how did that make you feel?

“I guess when I got to about 1000 subscribers I realised that people actually wanted to subscribe to me, and genuinely seemed to be enjoying my videos. People would leave such lovely comments on my videos which would instantly make me smile. It made me feel so happy that people actually cared what I had to say! Making people happy is such a great feeling.”

4) Do you read all/most the comments on your vlogs? If so, which has been your favourite?

“I read every comment on my videos and try to reply to as many as I can. Sometimes it gets difficult when people leave comments on older videos as I don’t always get notified, but I try my very best! My favourite has to be from an 11 year old girl who said I was a great role model to girls her age, and that she watched all my videos and loved them. Being told I am a role model is just unbelievable and something I never thought could happen just from uploading videos. It was the sweetest thing ever!”

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Hopefully in 5 years I will still be making videos, and although it sounds ambitious, I would love to have my own makeup line at some point in my life. That most likely won’t happen in 5 years, but you never know what might happen!”


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6) How would you celebrate getting 1 million subscribers?

“I would celebrate with pizza. LOTS of pizza. And of course a giveaway to give back to all my subscribers. I doubt that will ever happen though!”

7) Who’s your current favourite Vlogger?

“My current favourite vlogger is Emily Canham. I watch all her vlogs, I love following what her and Jake get up to. In terms of beauty videos, I am obsessed with Kathleen lights. She is just so relatable. And Hannah Renee too!”

8) What makes you different from other vloggers?

“Hopefully my personality makes me different! But also the fact that I do nails as well as makeup, as I haven’t seen many people do that. Also my lilac hair I guess!”

9) What’s your favourite Movie? and Why?

“Tricky question. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas because it is such a classic. Also Frozen and Tangled are pretty up there. There are so many I can’t even think of them.”

10) What’s your personal favourite vlog (your own) and why? 

“My favourite is probably my Iphone case collection vlog, as I love collecting phone cases and sharing with you guys where I got them, as I get so many questions! I also love my Christmas and New year makeup videos but they are less relevant now obviously.” Watch Sophie’s favourite vlog (her own) HERE

Check out Sophie’s channel HERE